Full stack engineer path | Google Chrome translator invoke a Codecademy site error

This is to report a problem with Google Chrome’s built-in translator.
It is not uncommon for me to use the integrated translator to understand some concepts that are not clear to me in English, unfortunately, 90% of the time I get stuck in a redirect to an error page of the site, as soon as I move the mouse arrow over the page, and/or press the next button.
This happens on many pages of the course, almost always where there is a text editor on the page, an example page is this:


To reproduce the problem, simply enter the lesson, wait for the page to load, right-click on the text and press “translate into English”, now go to the google translator window at the top right and select another language in which translate the document, for example, Italian. As soon as the page has been translated, move the mouse over the text editor or press the next button. You will be redirected to an error page that I am attaching at the bottom of the message.
I don’t expect the text editor to work with the translated page content but I would love to be able to read the translated content as soon as I move my mouse over the text editor.

Greetings and best wishes for happy holidays.

Hey Marco!

I have the Google Translate plug-in and that’s what I use for translating so instead of right click>translate; all you have to do is highlight the word -or phrase- and you’ll see a pop-up comment box with the translation and multiple synonyms -if you just highlighted one word-.

Hope this helps you out!