Full Stack Engineer : Jim's Personal Portfolio Review

Hi all,

This is My Portfolio, it took a bit longer than expected, about a week, but it was worth it.

Thanks for visiting, hope you have time to explore my Portfolio, and provide some feedback.

Getting the base outline was fine, this time I started with a mock up wireframe drawing and then quickly got the basic elements in place, but the JavaScript part did not work as planned and took a while to get it working.

Initially I decided to show my course projects in 2 rows x 3 cols grid, but felt the page was too long. Rather than going for a second page I wanted to practice JavaScript more so opted instead to use buttons . Some issues with this but I think I got it working fine.

Id be keen to hear your feedback around this section, in particular if you see it as a good design or what way would you have done it.

(If you can link your project Id be happy to give feedback on it as well.)

The Repo can be found at jimsloss/My-Portfolio, pls feel free to reuse any of what I have done if it helps you in your journey.

Many Thanks, and best wishes with the rest of your course!


Personally I think it looks awesome and showcases several different features which was a good choice. My only critique your personal photo leaves a lot of blank space in it’s section. It only sticks out because the textbox next to it is slightly bigger. Try making your photo bigger and see how it looks. This is also comparing your other webpages which the pencil one was amazing looking. I think that was really well done and overall great job on it all!

Thank you so much for your review!

Great to hear that my choice on the project section was a sensible design choice. The critique on the photo I totally agree with, lot of space around it which I will look at improving, thank you.

The link to my portraits website, that site was completed using wordpress (I confess, I followed a tutorial when completing it). Once criticism I would have with word press though is that, from a programming perspective, you don’t do much coding, you can get a great looking website up and running fairly quickly but I prefer what we did on this project, because really learnt a lot.

If you can post your portfolio I would happy to review that for you as well.

thanks again.


Looks good. Congrats on completing it!

A couple things–

  • Remove the quotes around ‘entry level’ because that conveys skepticism about the words contained in the quotes–like you’re not really an entry level developer. (it’s also hyphenated: entry-level).
    I feel like you could use a different adjective because entry-level conveys unschooled or not proficient. How about using an antonym to entry-level? Something like: proficient, skilled, capable, versatile, or knowledgable instead?
    I know that you’re switching careers, but don’t discount unpaid work vs. paid. Experience is experience. You have two sections: course projects and personal projects, so, you do have experience with web design & coding. Maybe just have one section that displays projects instead(?)

  • Keep the typeface consistent. I think that the script font on the right that describes your projects is a little bit difficult to read. This is helpful: https://typographyhandbook.com

Hi Lisalisaj

Thank you for the constructive feedback.

‘entry level’ : I hadn’t really considered that the quotes could convey lack of confidence, but it makes perfect sense, so I have made that change. Also changed the font as suggested, I agree it was a little hard to read, hopefully the new font has improved this, I think it has while also retaining the natural writing look I was looking for.

I wanted the two sections on projects to show different complimentary designs, which I felt might help with the aim of promoting my ability, so for now I will leave this as it is. I might reconsider this as I move on with the course but I do appreciate your feedback on it.

Many thanks for taking the time to review my portfolio, and I do feel your suggestions which I have implemented have improved my portfolio.


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