Full-Stack Engineer: Exam results not being saved

Summery of the report:
When completing an exam, the exam results are displayed but not saved. After completing an exam, the results are not saved in the course progress. This also applies to failed exams which are retaken.
Course URL:
Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Click either “Take Exam” or “Retake Exam”
  2. Complete exam and receive results
  3. Navigate back to course Path Curriculum and click on the unit to expand it and confirm the exam score is not recorded / saved.

Could someone please help as I have retaken the same exams multiple times but my scores / results have stopped being saved. This bug will prevent me from being able to obtain the completion certificate. Any help would be appreciated.

You’re not the only one. I just spent close to two hours completing two exams in the Front-End Engineer course and neither of the results saved. I submitted a ticket, then retook the first exam again, passed again, and again the result wasn’t saved.

I hope they have a record on their end showing that we’ve completed these exams. What a waste of time.

I also lost the results of my exams in the FS Enginnering path. very annoying.

@beta4501525696 , @chip8478394414 Do you know approximately when this started happening? The issue for me started mid-way though last week as I was able to complete an exam earlier in the week.

Also, is there any way for me to contact Codecademy support directly? There doesn’t seem to be any e-mail address I can find for support. I’m just concerned that when I come back to these exams after finishing my final projects, I won’t be able to get my certificate.

Putting the certificate of completion of this massive course on my LinkedIn profile was something I was planning on doing, this full-stack course is substantial and not something I can just accept not getting a certificate of completion for after working away on it for more almost a year now.

The problem may already have been solved.

See this thread: Exam progress not saving when completed

If your problem still persists, perhaps try bumping the other thread with a link to this thread. I am not a subscriber, so I don’t know for sure, but based on the poster’s reply, it seems the issue has been resolved.

Thanks for the heads up, I will try an exam today and see if it is fixed. Thanks!

The issue was resolved on my end. Each of the exams I previously took and their results now show as completed when I view the syllabus.

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