Full-Stack Engineer career path time

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Can anyone advise how the estimated time of 6 months or 350 hours for the Full-Stack Engineer career path is broken down per module. I know it is somewhat dependant on the learner but a recommended study time per module/s or expected time would be useful. Which areas will take longer than others etc. I like breaking down big projects into smaller time oriented goals so I know I am making the expected progress if that makes sense.


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Hi, welcome to the forums.

As far as I am aware, there is no breakdown per module - and, as you correctly point out, everyone is different and so realistically the estimated duration is pointless.

You’ll know if you’re making the expected progress if you’ve understood the material and can apply it to something without the hand-holding of the learning environment.

How long that takes you is, frankly, unimportant. If you absolutely must have a time-based goal system, I would advise you to work one out for yourself; perhaps by doing a few of the lessons and seeing how long it takes you to assimilate the material, by which I don’t mean how long it takes you to complete the lesson. :slight_smile:


Thanks @thepitycoder for the reply. Makes sense.

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