Full Stack Engineer Career Path - Redux

I’ve been working though the Full Stack Engineer pathway for the past couple of months. Some great content and lessons. I thought the React lessons were really well done.
However, when I came to the Redux section, I was a little disappointed to find that there were no interactive lessons on the subject, especially since it’s pretty complex. I tried reading the documentation provided and ended up an a bit of a tutorial rabbit hole for a few hours.
Then I though “hey, maybe there’s a standalone Redux course on Codecademy”. I searched and it popped up! I’ve got to say it’s explained things far better than reading through the documentation. These lessons are fantastic and help break down something that I thought was pretty tricky.

So my suggestion is that the Redux course be added to the Full-Stack Engineer course. I’m not sure why it wasn’t included, but the help videos don’t have many views, so maybe people aren’t accessing it much. If it was omitted for reasons around timing of the course, I actually think that learners (myself included) would understand things faster if they were given the Redux lessons as part of the career path. Then these great lessons would get more exposure!

Hey there, Zoe from Curriculum. Glad to hear you like the new Redux content so much! One of the reasons we created it was so we could add it into the Career Paths, so good eyes. We just finished the course content, but because it’s not exactly a 1:1 swap it’s just taking us a bit longer to incorporate it into the Paths. Be on the lookout for some upcoming communication regarding the addition.

Also, your progress from the course will transfer over, so you’ll be able to pick up where you left off in the Career Path once it’s added.



Cool, thanks for the reply. Good to hear it’s being added! Maybe even just a link to the Redux course in the section intro would benefit people in the meantime? That way, people know it’s there to help them in.

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Great idea! We’ll go ahead and add that in.

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Hooray for this post! This is exactly what I found. The CC course is really good, I’ve just finished it and can say that I have a pretty good handle on Redux, but doing the official docs I just felt disheartened (and a little bored).

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