Full-Stack Engineer Career Path in 6 months

I have recently enrolled in the Full-Stack Engineer Career Path and in the Syllabus it states that it’ll take me 6 months to complete it from beginner.
Now I was wondering if this time is the maximum or not?
And with how many hours a day will I be able to finish this in 6 months?
I appreciate any helpful answers.


It’s a loose estimate. Quality and retention matter a lot in this consideration. It’s not inconceivable to cover it in less, but the more one rushes it’s going to be a situation of diminishing returns. I’m guessing the estimate is based on about 1 hour + worth of daily work.

Important to consider:

  • there will be lessons you may actually want to go back and re-do (either setting constraints or framing it in a more involved way conceptually).
  • there will be a ton of stuff that the lessons won’t cover that are still necessary to be well-rounded. You should be on the lookout for what those are in terms of your own aims and goals.

Hi, I suppose with about 10 hours per week, you could complete it in 6 months. It really depends on how well you are able to understand the lessons and practically implement into your projects. Sometimes I find myself going back into some older stuff to get a clearer idea, and I even re-do some things. So, it depends on you :slight_smile:

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