Full Stack Engineer Career Path - does it work?

Hey folks!

TL;DR: has anyone ever successfully completed this career path and actually changed careers?

I work closely with web developers and have taken an interest in learning how to become one. I have dabbled with Codecademy in the past and love the UI/UX. I started the Full Stack Engineer Career Path this week.

So far, I’ve completed the HTML and CSS fundamentals. Do I feel 100% confident? not yet. But, I’m hoping the course eventually helps me connect the dots.


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Hey there!

I’m also on the full-stack engineer path. I’m now at 4% now.

I aim to become an independent app developer to work for myself and create web apps and Apple apps to make a living.

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Thanks for sharing! Excited you’re on the journey.

I don’t know how to tell what % i’m finished, but I’m in the “Making a Website Responsive” unit of the “web development foundations” section!

If I’m not mistaken, you can see your progression bar on your ‘My Home’ tab.

Hope all goes well for you. I love CodeAcademy thus far. It’s fun.

My cousin said they should do this for actual university or college. It costs so much lesser!