Full Stack e-Commerce website part 2

Here is my site e-commerce full stack created in typescript.
and github repo https://github.com/SeanPaulson/e-commerce
The design is taken from etsy as im not focusing on design as a career…

Still has some bugs and missing features like registering. (its setup on the back-end. I just need to make the FE page for it)

It has a guest login and fake checkout so you do not have to enter any personal information to test all of the features.

If people really want to set up this app on there personal computer I will prioritize finishing the setup instructions.

Some notes. I wanted to use as little frameworks as possible to learn how this stuff works.

  • So if you noticed i used vite and set up sidesplitting and everything basically from scratch.
  • Also I used used sessions and the handling of sessions with custom code. “don’t recommend but I learned a lot”
  • It is all written in typescript. unfortunately since I used older technologies in the back-end the back-end is not typesafe.
  • I did as much back-end work in the database using postgresql procedural language with procedures and functions.
    instead of doing it in the server code.

Checkout my README for detailed information on the database operations here at my github repo.

SIDE NOTE: An amazing recourse for learning typescript is https://www.executeprogram.com/

Technologies used:

  • Postgress
    - SQL
    • Node
      • Express
      • Express Session
      • bcrypt
      • pg (node-postgress query tool)
      • connect-pg-simple
    • Typescript
    • swagger-jsdoc


  • bootstrap: ^5.3.0
    • luxon: “^3.4.2”,
    • react": “^18.2.0”,
    • react-bootstrap": “^2.7.4”,
    • react-hook-form": “^7.45.2”,
  • devDependencies": {
    • sass": “^1.63.6”,
    • storybook": “^7.2.1”,
    • typescript": “^5.0.2”,
    • vite": “^4.3.2”

Love to hear any feedback on how i could improve my code or site functionality.
Personally there are a ton of things I would have done differently and things I would change but its working and I learned a lot!
Thank you!