Full Stack course mostly with only HTML and CSS only (36% completed)

I was kind of hoping to get ideas for full-stack software development. As an experienced developer (angular), I am a bit disappointed with the course curriculum. I am on track 36% of the whole course and until now have done a bit of JS, a little bit more of HTML, and a whole load of CSS and i mean freaking CSS and still going. I am worried because, since my course already progressed 36% I have merely scratched react. How much content should I be expecting from the backend. This just does not feel right to me. The course says full stack and 1/4 of the course is full of CSS.
I will keep up to date with this course in this forum.

You can see all the units in this course here. If you’ve completed 36% of the course thus far, it looks like you’re coming to the end of the HTML and CSS portions, and moving on, you’ll be focusing mostly on the back-end. There are 2 full units on React in this path.

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