Full stack course final project

Hi, I have just completed the full stack course and my final project. I created a site using Google Books that allows users to create reading plans and track their daily reading.

The website is deployed at: https://my-reading-hub.herokuapp.com

Code: GitHub - lwlsimm/my-reading-hub: A simple web app that allows user to track their reading and set targets

Any feedback would be gratefully received!


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Great job on your site! It’s really cool and modern.

There is one (really minor) change you can make, if you’d like:

  • Changing the cursor to a pointer when you hover over buttons

I can’t give more feedback before I ask: does signing up actually work? Will you have my email and the password if I do so?

Thanks so much for your feedback, I definitely will incorporate a pointer into my next update.

Re functionality: yes, sign-up is fully operational. Your email address will be stored in a database that is located on Heroku’s server. Your password is encrypted using bcryptjs before being stored on the database. On the account page, there is an option to delete your account which completely removes all your data (email, password, reading plans) from the database.


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No problem, thank you for such a prompt response!

I love your site, it’s stunning. I really like how it’s like a (better) Goodreads, fully functioning. Something you might want to add is a popup for logging out (I was testing out the buttons and accidentally logged out), especially for people with long passwords.

That’s really all, seriously amazing job!!