Full-Stack / Blockchain Developer In Training - Anyone else going a similiar path?

What’s up everybody!
Jake here.

I’m a former music video director,
Now working my way into the blockchain space.

After doing some research and seeing most of the necessary skills and languages used in the blockchain space.
The full-stack course covers like 80% of what I need to know.
I’m only 2% done with the course as I work my way through JavaScript syntax with about a week into the career path.

Challenging but fun so far!

ANyone else taking a similiar route using the full stack path to learn the foundations before moving into the crypto space.?


Welcome to the forums!

You might connect with more people on the CC Discord channel…which you can reach via the “Chat” link in the upper right corner of the menu on the page.

Hi Jake,

I’m making the same move as you. recently left my old job as a IT support tec to pursue this path. I saw the code academy courses and decided it would be a good way to learn the front end of the space.

best of luck,

Hi I am doing the same path and 4% into it so far. Don’t know if I am going into the field of crypto yet but want to change my carrier so good luck to both of us :slight_smile: