Full Body Workout Generator

Hi everybody!

I’ve just finished the Mixed Messages Project, I’ve choose to create a random full body workout generator.
Would love to get some feedback! Any tips or ways I could improve it? Also, I feel like me README.txt is a bit too small but not sure what else could I write in it, any ideas?


const workouts = {
_listsOfExercises: {
    push: [],
    pull: [],
    legs: [],
    core: [],
    cardio: [],

get exercises(){
    return {
        push: this._listsOfExercises.push,
        pull: this._listsOfExercises.pull,
        legs: this._listsOfExercises.legs,
        core: this._listsOfExercises.core,
        cardio: this._listsOfExercises.cardio,

addExerciseToWorkout(workoutName, exerciseName){
    const exercise = {name: exerciseName};
    return this._listsOfExercises[workoutName].push(exercise);

const exercises = this._listsOfExercises[exerciseName];
const randomIndex = Math.floor(Math.random()*exercises.length);
return exercises[randomIndex];

    const push = this.getRandomExercise('push');
    const pull = this.getRandomExercise('pull');
    const legs = this.getRandomExercise('legs');
    const core = this.getRandomExercise('core');
    const cardio = this.getRandomExercise('cardio');
    return `Your exercises for today are the following: ${push.name}, ${pull.name}, and ${legs.name}. For the core, you'll do ${core.name} and will finish with ${cardio.name}.`;


workouts.addExerciseToWorkout('push', '3 sets of 20 push ups');
workouts.addExerciseToWorkout('pull', '3 sets of 8 pull ups');
workouts.addExerciseToWorkout('legs', '3 sets of 10 squats');
workouts.addExerciseToWorkout('push', '3 sets of 20 incline bench press at a confortable weight');
workouts.addExerciseToWorkout('pull', '3 sets of 8 bend over rows with the olympic bar at a confortable weight');
workouts.addExerciseToWorkout('legs', '3 sets of 10 walking lunges');
workouts.addExerciseToWorkout('push', '3 sets of 15 dips');
workouts.addExerciseToWorkout('pull', '3 sets of 12 cable pull downs');
workouts.addExerciseToWorkout('legs', '3 sets of 30 jumping jacks');
workouts.addExerciseToWorkout('core', '3 sets of 20 leg raises');
workouts.addExerciseToWorkout('core', '3 sets of 1 minute plank');
workouts.addExerciseToWorkout('core', '3 sets of 20 crunches');
workouts.addExerciseToWorkout('cardio', '30 minutes jogging');
workouts.addExerciseToWorkout('cardio', '40 minutes of stationary bike');
workouts.addExerciseToWorkout('cardio', '20 minutes of rowing machine');

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You can try this template for README.

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Thank you so much for the tip!