I don’t know how to do this, someone help! Im sitting here in class, i’m gonna get an F soon :frowning: please help, how do i do this. :thinking:


We can only advise when we know what exercise you are having trouble with. Please post a link to the lesson, any error messages you are receiving and your attempted code. Thanks.




Have you done the first instruction?

Start by writing a function using the keyword const and the name takeOrder. Then set the variable = to a set of parentheses followed by an arrow () =>. Inside of its block {}, use console.log() to print ‘Order: pizza’.


hmmmm ill try and do this


Recall that set to means to assign a value to, and the assignment is from right to left

n = 42

In the above, 42 (a number) is assigned to n (a variable). n is set to 42.

console.log(n)    //  42


ohhhh I get it, after a few attempts I got it right! Thank You!


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