Frustrating web site

I am a free member, but I feel like the enemy. Every single page has nothing but upgrade to pro boxes. Boxes disguised as my lessons, with the names of the lesson I was working on in it. If I click on that box I get taken to a full page box that just says upgrade to pro. The box goes off the edge of the page and has no close button. I have to use the back button and click on another box, like my courses, and that takes me to a whole page of ads. It took me 20 minutes to find the right word inside the right box to get back to my lesson. This kind of aggressive, hostile marketing is not conducive to a learning environment. I have no money, so my question: is there a way to opt out of the giant wall of upgrade ads?

I think the idea is, if free sucks badly enough you’ll give in and get pro (disclaimer: I have Pro). Free didn’t used to be so terrible.

If you’re doing web stuff, maybe try Free Code Camp or the Odin Project? Try Free Code Camp first, as the HTML/CSS section the Odin Project will have you use it so if you don’t like it, best to find out early. I use them as resources alongside my Codecademy subscription.