Frustrated with the practice projects


I’ve started studying javascript with codecademy a few weeks ago (i have no background in coding).

Now, every time I’m getting to the practice project, I’m getting stuck and i don’t know how to complete the task without looking online for the answer.
the problem is, I do understand the lessons. but in practice, when I need to combine my knowledge and write the code I’m getting stuck and I don’t know how to do it (using the hint helps a little, using the MDN does not help me).
after seeing the correct answer online I usually understand the process of the code but I still don’t know how to do it myself.

then, I’m getting frustrated and I want to quit.

Any advice?? is anyone else feels the same way?? is it just fine to look for the (exact) answer online???

Please HELP!!!

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Hey there @dovilaufer!

I understand your frustration. When you start out coding, the way you learn is a lot different than most other subjects where you can reasonably expect yourself to retain the material without having to rely on others. Let me stress that there’s absolutely no shame in having to rely on outside sources to get yourself to the solution, especially when you’re just beginning!

The key ways we learn to code are through collaboration and project-oriented learning; not just sitting down and absorbing information from looking at a textbook. A lot of people experience difficulty when it comes to translating that textbook knowledge into practical, project oriented knowledge and that’s where supplemental resources come into play e.g Stack Overflow, Forums, Google, MDN, language documentation, etc. Think of them as bridging the gap. As you get more experienced you’ll solidify your knowledge of base concepts and move onto bridging the gap with more complex concepts.

Remember, this field is constantly evolving, so you’ll constantly be needing to learn new things and your peers will be around to help you with that.

EDIT: That all said, if you pull information or strategies from your peers make sure you walk yourself through the code and how it works. Try to think of alternative ways to solve problems that way you can exercise that problem solving muscle of yours :wink: Don’t want to just be copy-pasting answers without understanding what’s happening!


Hello! This thread may be of interest to you!

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Thank you both for taking the time to answer… this actually helped…

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