Frustrated with the instructions... and that is putting it mildly


This is more of a vent and to see if others are having similar issues or if I am just uneducated when it comes to learning code. It seems the instructions are not complete instructions and when you get “stuck” the comments in the console and the “hints” do not always address the issue.

For instance, in lesson 8, Word Up the instructions say to create a new variable inside the if statement. But that doesn’t work when you run the code. my interpretation of inside the if statement is below the lines where the your if statement is. However, when you list the new variables above the if statement (I interpret that as outside the if statement), the code works. So I don’t know if the code is correct as constructed or maybe it isn’t and I need additional indents to make it work in the if statement. I don’t know, because the instructions do not specify.

Additionally, in lesson 10, Ending Up, I do not get from the instructions that the code is, new_word = new_word[1:len(new_word)], from, Set new_word equal to the slice from the 1st index all the way to the end of new_word. Use [1:len(new_word)] to do this. Maybe it’s user error, but it feels a lot like the explanation is lacking.

This is especially frustrating when trying to learn something new. it’s just been a sh!t experience so far.

it’ nice the community can help out where the instructions fall short. I’m learning more from the community and the actual lessons.


Here is the code I ended up with:
pyg = “ay”

original = raw_input("Enter a word: ")

if len(original) > 0 and original.isalpha():
word = original.lower()
first = word[0]
new_word = word + first + pyg
new_word = new_word[1:len(new_word)]
print original

print “empty”

it runs, meaning I do not get an error, but it doesn’t change the words to pig latin. And that’s my issue with this. How can the lesson be completed (completed meaning a green box and a check mark) if the translator doesn’t work?


Hey @jmn1536 don’t be discouraged, the course is designed to help you think and figure out some things for yourself, though it’s annoying sometimes when you check the hints and it confuses you more, don’t be dismayed it happens, it just means that you still have more to learn and with time you’ll understand the hints more and nobody is uneducated when it comes to learning anything everyone is just different in how they grasp things. Some times your code doesn’t work because of a syntax or semantic error, in the case of syntax you immediately get an error thrown but the semantic, your code runs without an error but outputs the wrong value. And always follow the instructions, a . might make you stay at a particular exercise for sometime because the interpreter wants one. I hope this helps.


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