Frustrated with my learning progress

Hi everyone! Not sure where the best place would be to post this since it isn’t so much of a technical question. I just started the data science course and got to the hurricane project when I hit a wall. I was unable to break down the questions/problems into manageable sections and while I did look at some of the code I was afraid that if I kept reading the answer I wouldn’t learn how to problem solve. I know that this process is going to be difficult and will take time but I don’t feel like the pieces are falling into place. What I ended up doing was resetting the syllabus and starting over in order to review content I had already done but I’m wondering if that was the best course of action or if I should have continued to look at code solution and hope that the pieces would fall into place? I know this is kind of different for each person and there probably isn’t an easy or correct answer. I feel frustrated but didn’t want to give up which is why I decided to reset the course syllabus.

I’m feeling defeated and while I enjoy Cadecademy so far I haven’t really felt a sense of community which is why I decided to post on the forums.


Welcome to the forums.

Because there isn’t a “one size fits all” approach to learning, only you know what works for you. FWIW, I think it was good that you went back and started over. (That’s [the hurricane project] a tough project for sure!). Feeling frustrated like one doesn’t know anything is totally normal when it comes to learning programming languages. You’re learning a new language (Python) and it’s challenging–even more so if one doesn’t come from a comp. sci or technical background. Learning to think computationally is a learned skill. You will get better at it as you go along, trust me. Stick with it and you will have ‘ah ha!!’ moments.

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Hello @roomt0ne ,
I read your post accidentally, but
I think I can feel your situation and emotions, because I changed or atleast trying to change my career from networking field to programming recently and Im wugedup really :stuck_out_tongue: mix of passion about learning and fears about too many things, I just want to tell you be aware of difference between Empathy and “Challenging”, if you dont like it and you think you can do better in something else, don’t be afraid to change anything even Codecademy 98%-Passed Career path ;p , you will be more fast and productive at your correct position, but if you can feel it and you like it, just be patient it is guaranteed, good luck mate.