Frustrated due no assistance when you don't understand things

What is the point of having a forum when no one helps you when need help or don’t understand something you are studying , similarly why 20$ for pro course when you can’t get any assistance . I have asked several question and haven’t received a single reply

Hello @varunchauhan08837195,

The most answers/reply’s that are given on these forums are created by volunteers. These volunteers are mostly students themselfs.

If your question does not get the desired result, check if your questions apply to the guidelines for a good post.

Afcourse there is also a possibility that we simply don’t know the answer.

  • If this is the case try updating your posts by asking the question in a different way.
  • You can also try to answer the question yourself in this case it is appreciated that you also update your own post with the answer. This way future people with the same problem can find the solution as well.

I hope these tips will help you get the desired answers/assistance you require.


Hey @varunchauhan08837195

I’ve had a quick scan through the topics you’ve posted; quite a few of them have been replied to!

There’s a couple where you’ve asked for help with code errors, but you’ve not posted your code in a usable form - screenshots of the code are better than no code, but using the code formatting option is best as it means we get an accurate picture of your code, and we can run it ourselves to help troubleshoot. (This is especially important in languages like Python, where indentation is important, as the forum doesn’t preserve whitespace outside of the code blocks!)

Also, please keep in mind that as a Pro member you can see a lot more of the courses on the catalog than non-Pro members. For example, as a non-Pro user myself, I can’t see any of the Data Science path and so can’t help with any questions related to exercises which are part of that - even if I know the language used or understand the concepts involved. (Obviously, if it’s a simple coding problem and the code is posted, I can troubleshoot that without the exercise - there’d just be no context to it!)

Lastly, most of the folk on here are learners just like yourself and so might not be able to help like @biirra said. :slight_smile: There used to be specific Pro Advisors, whom you could chat to for help and guidance with the material, but I’m unsure whether these still exist or have been replaced by the paid-for “code coaches”. (I can’t find any reference to the Pro Advisors in the Help section anymore… feel free to correct me!)

Not having a go, so I hope you don’t take this the wrong way… just trying to explain some of the reasons why you might not be getting the response you’re looking for here on the forums. :slight_smile: