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Front End Project

  • Your review of the Project. Was it easy, difficult, just right?

Answer: The challenge for me is design… I’m not a designer by any means! Another issue I had struggled with was, github. I usually keep all my content in separate files, but was unable to get them to display with out removing the sub-folders. So now my commit board looks like trash. Other than that it was an enjoyable build.

  • An estimate of how long it took you to complete.

Answer: I took approximately 1 week, and that was due to starting over on first design.

  • The link to your code repo

We hope you enjoyed this project!

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FrontEnd Portfolio

Very nice, well done! I love the little diamond playing about at the top of the page, and the translucent nav bar.

I have four thoughts:

For some reason on my machine, the page scrolls a tiny bit horizontally; maybe that’s something to do with formatting, maybe you can solve it by setting the viewport.

Design wise, I’m not sure you need to have a fixed header bar if there’s nothing on it. The diamond is super cool but I don’t think it needs to be permanently on the screen. Maybe just having the navigation fixed would be OK.

I think your background picture choices for “FRONTEND WEBDEVELOPER” and your current skill set could be better - there’s no obvious link to cars or wood, and wood in particular feels a bit odd when you’re talking about computer-based skills. No big redesign needed, but maybe just find some more appropriate pics.

Hovering over the “WHISKEY CITY” images at the bottom of the page moves your footer bar and the other two jugs, which doesn’t seem deliberate. You can get around that by thinking of the space that the image inhabits and its area ov movement as one box (i.e., margin + image). If you want to move the image 10px, reduce the size of the margin by 10px, and then it doesn’t affect the content around it. In this case, it might mean that you actually need to add a margin to the images, but that’s a reasonable thing to do in any case! I played around with that on the ‘Skills’ bit on my portfolio, which is not by any means a professional job but shows how I experimented with the same thing.


Sorry for the late response! I appreciate the feedback I was able to correct a couple of items you mentioned. I was unable to utilize the margin idea and just settled with a transition for the project section. The wood design is actually a table with a person studying and is only visible via mobile device until I can add Media Query. Thank you again!

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Here is the current product via Netlify. I dont know why I am unable to edit the original post?

Very nice, you should try mentioning your name first before most other things! I had to scroll down to find your name and the first impression is the lasting one. If you have trouble with design you could look at websites with templates that you like and then try to replicate something similar…