Frontend Developer path constructive criticism

I’m towards the end of my Frontend path and I’ve noticed a few things I’d like to discuss and hopefully provide feedback for the Codeacademy team to build upon and improve.

Preliminarily, I’d like to say that I DID enjoy my studying experience here so far and it felt great, the knowledge was relevant and it did improve my confidence when it comes to frontend development, however, towards the end of the syllabus, mainly once I’ve reached the React portion, I’ve noticed the first problem, that being the minified browser provided by the platform, while it is nice when you’re playing around with Javascript, an important part of development is debugging and understanding what you’re doing and how whatever you did effected the end result, all of that is normally possible via the chrome dev tools, the react extension and the redux one as well, however, due to the nature of how the minified browser is incorporated I wasn’t able to use them.
I understand this problem might have been an individual problem for myself though an option to export the guided projects to a text editor of our own to solve in a different environment would have been favorable, instead of having to try and copy the assignments myself which sometimes proved very troublesome.

The second issue I’ve noticed is a lack of emphasis on testing, the external resources are great albeit ultimately they’re all available if I were to look around myself, and offer no practical experience beyond implementing what I read into my own projects which I ultimately did, some type of environment in the built in code editor or an assignment of some kind would have been nice as I’m not 100% confident in that sphere due to the little attention it was given.

And finally, drawing from the previous point, I’ve noticed an abundance of themes (e.g. Advanced Concepts in TDD, Advanced Web Development to name a few) that are STRICTLY reading focused, no practice whatsoever, which in my opinion is insufficient, some form of practice beyond the written texts and articles is required to solidify and understand ANY topic in depth is necessary.

Hopefully this information will be of some help and despite what’s written I did and am enjoying my time learning in this platform and I will absolutely go on to other paths beyond the frontend one.
Thanks and best of luck :wave: