FrontEnd Dev - Personal Portfolio with 3 real projects

Here we go: Altoque Media Portfolio

This took me the entire day building it but it was really fun!

  • HTML and CSS were pretty easy for me (I had some previous experience). I just needed to refresh my memory on the CSS Grid.
  • JS animations were the most complex to understand. I adapted a slideShow JS to be able to “open/expand” each project. And for the TypeWriter animation, even if it was working out of the gate with a “copy/paste” I actually took the time to watch the tutorial on youtube to undestand each line of code.
  • Total time spend: 10-12hrs

I think I may play again with it in a couple of days so let me know if you have any good ideas to implement (or bug to fix…)!


Beautifully done, nice clean and simple and your styling is super crisp.
Well done!

Thanks Ajax, I really appreciate your feedback.