Front-End Web Development Track

I wish Codeacademy had a front-end focused web development track with some real world projects added. If not, where should I stop if my focus right now is front-end only?

Hello @designmaster76054, is this what you are looking for? It requires PRO, though.


Wow thanks, i didn’t know about this track. Is this all i need to become a front-end developer? Currently I am doing the Front End Web development track which also includes backend. Again thanks for pointing this out.

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You’re welcome!

I wouldn’t say it is all you need, but I think it would definitely be a good start.
Happy coding!

I think this path is very focused on React and doesn’t teach as many basics to the beginner front-end developers such as advanced CSS and DOM. I was suggesting a course for beginners only interested in the front-end. But this course is also great course none the less.

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Yes, I completely agree. This is also a good path: I suppose if you combined this path with the JS path, then you could have a very similar path.

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Thanks for the second suggestion. Do you think those two courses together will provide adequate skills for a beginner front-end dev? If not, i think there should be a Front-end only focused web development track.

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I think that together they would be sufficient to get a good grounding in front-end web dev, but I am only speaking from what I have read about them; I have not taken them myself. I do agree with you that it would be beneficial to have a course that completely covered all the topics of front-end.

I realized that the react course is already a part of the web development path. I think that would be the place to stop, if you only want to focus on the front-end.

Possibly, yes. Also, with learning HTML and CSS, the courses that Codecademy offer (not in any paths) are quite good.