Front End - React - Adopt a pet project (step 12)


I’m stuck on step 12 on this project (Adopt a pet). It asks you to create a that renders a

After retracing my steps countless times, I caved and went online to find the solution code…
My code is exactly the same as the solution. (up until step 11). The code they are looking for…

Can anyone explain to me why my pathing is not working even though my code is the same? I thought it may have to do with the pages being rendered on the , but my code is the same again. I’m really lost as to why there is an issue. If I retype my code, it takes me to the page with “Shuri the cat” (which they tell you would happen) but then I cannot reproduce this effect. Its as if the links are dead.

Any help would be appreciated.

I have had experiences like yours, the way i solved it was reseting the lesson. Be sure to save copy your code first so you dont have to redo it all. To reset the lesson you have a button next to “run”

Hope it helps.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve had my fair share of Codecademy bugs and issues but this project is completed on my computer. It’s almost as if something is missing in the steps

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