Front-end portfolio review

Hi There! I hope everybody is fine and safe. :smile:

I created my portfolio using HTML, CSS and Javascript. The basic part was fine but I tried some challenging features like an interactive timeline or a contact form that sends me an email.
I did the project in about 5 evenings (I would say around 25 -30 hours.
You can find it here:

I hope you can give me feedback as well as things to improve.

Thank you so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I like this portfolio-project.
My only advice is change and keep a consistent typeface.

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Hi, Thank you for your comment!
What do you mean to keep a consistency? I have the titles in one font and the other text in another. Do you think it is better to use just the same?
Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey Clara,

So I just realized I was looking at one of your sample projects when I had that thought/left that comment.

Your portfolio itself is just fine; I still like it lol.

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I really like your site. It’s nice and responsive too. In fact, I remember checking this yesterday and most of the issues with the responsiveness I was going to mention have already been fixed since then. (Download button being over-lapped, centering being off, etc.)

The only thing left is the red-ish shadow of the email box in your form makes it look like bad input was already provided. All the fields are required, so I’m not sure why that one has a red outline from the start. You have an effect when a particular field is in focus, which is nice, but that one always has it active.

Great work

Hi! Thank you for your comment! yes, I have seen the over-lapped button and I corrected it a couple of hours ago :slight_smile:

Thank you for the feedback on the email input box, I will check what’s going on :smile:

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Honestly, it looks great. It’s responsive and visually appealing. It’s good to see a css file that isn’t a spider web of id and classes nested on top of the other.

I loved the fact that you are using to get your form submitted without the need for Mailchimp or another backend email solution.

I would be careful with the use o pixels, and with the page ‘flow’ as sometimes your title is on the left, then on the right. After the portfolio, I was totally expecting to see the Blog right under the end of the background image. Also, some functionalities as the scroll to object could be done using JS instead of href=#id, as it gets displayed on your browser.

You smashed it! I’m looking forward to your React.js app! :slight_smile:


One of the best portfolios, great visuality… love it :+1:
I will be building my portfolio next month maybe… I’m sure yours will be inspiring :wink:


The portfolio looks great! It’s responsive and interactive. I like it. Molt bé!


Great work. Looks really great, loved the color palette and design choices, nice typography/print and use of space.

Also, loved the sticky navbar transition, its very smooth on web but a little snapy on mobile.
It may be a design choice but the navbar wave/hamburguer menu button doesn’t close the menu after it is open. Other than that it’s very responsive and looks great on mobile also. :grin:


Hi @giga3032069958 , thank you for your feedback, I will take a look at the menu issue, it is not a design choice, more something I didn’t notice… hahaha so thank you for reporting it! :grin:


Awesome! you’ve done quite a job @iamclaire
I can see with how much passion you’ve created this.
All the best