Front-end - Personal Portfolio Website

Hi everyone, :wave:

I had a great time coding the website. Now I know what else I need to focus on.

I am waiting for your comments. Maybe you have any idea what to change, add or remove because it doesn’t fit.

Here’s my page and code

Thank you so much. :slight_smile:

You’ve done a great job! The only problem I see with the webpage is that some black icons are hard to see when the dark mode is on.
The rest of the page is perfect!

Keep going!

Nice!! I really like it! :partying_face:
I especially like the toggle switch for dark and light modes (particularly the cat & computer.) Now I wish every website had that functionality (rather than using a plugin on the web browser).

In the projects section, is one supposed to be able to go to the project when clicking on the image? I like the way each is showcased too.

Super nice design! well done!