Front-end Personal Portfolio - Please review! :)

Hey guys,
Please review my Personal Portfolio site. I need to add some porjects as I continue through the CodeCademy Full Stack course.

Many thanks !!!


Cool! Thank you for submitting your site!

Some thoughts:

  • on your resume it might be better to group the companies together and then list the projects under each as a bullet point.

  • typo in the skills section at the top of the site: JavaScript is misspelled.

  • at the bottom of the portfolio page where you have social links it’s usually not best to have links to FB or Instagram which are more personal in nature. Unless those pages are professional I wouldn’t included them (update: I see they are professional, which is ok). Otherwise, any potential employer doesn’t need to see your personal life which should be kept separate from professional.

Good work! :partying_face:

Lovely minimalistic site and responsive as well. Keep at it :+1: