Front-End path page not loading

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Hello, I have been having trouble loading a page on my path. It’s not fully rendering, I have gone back to my profile to try from there, still the same thing. Help!
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The above is a link to it, I forgot to add.

Hi @temiloluf
Which parts of the page aren’t rendering, can you share a screenshot of that?

This is the screenshot.

Ah ok, that doesn’t look right indeed. I just clicked on the link you provided and the page rendered as expected. So it doesn’t seem to be a problem on CC side. I use the Chrome browser, current version. Have you tried that? I’ve read here sometimes that people had trouble when using Safari.
Have you enabled Javascript and disabled any content blocking extensions etc.?

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Just checked now, and my Chrome is the current version. Enabled Javascript? Can you please elaborate?

JS is enabled - just ran the check. Plus, no content blocking extensions.

Hmm, incognito mode or safe browsing enabled, maybe? Firewall settings which might block the local host?

Aren’t those standard mechanisms for surfing webpages?

The default browsing setting is the second option: standard.

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