Front-End Jammming Project - using newer React features and .env variables

I finished the project! I couldn’t refer to the solution code much, because I’m using newer React features, but I did refer to it regarding the access token. I couldn’t have figured it out on my own.

Here is my solution on GitHub:
And here is the live site on Netlify:

I tested it a little on my own, and it works for me, but I’m curious to know if it works for other people. Let me know!

@byte903 was kind enough to take the time to post step-by-step guidelines on hiding sensitive data using .env and Netlify. Here is her post.

I still have to write the README file and do more testing. I want to have a message pop up when the list is successfully saved. Right now, it just disappears, so the user wouldn’t know if it was actually saved or not.

I’m curious - how much time did this take you?

@figgenfenk It took me four days, at a few hours a day (I’m at work during the day), so I would say, about ten hours? To be fair, this is my second time doing this project. The first time was in my full-stack class, and it took me a lot longer, even though we had starter code. I’m starting to get the hang of it, finally! It gets easier the more you practice.

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Yea that tracks with how much time I’m spending on it. Right now taking a deliberate sabbatical so working on code 7-8 hours a day roughly. Just wanted to hear that others were spending as much time as I was! Congrats on the progress and good luck!

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