Front end exercises/projects can be visually excruciating

I like these courses because they organize learning in a more efficient way than plowing through youtube or deconstructing working code. I had so many frustrating gaps. This helps a lot.

But the front end exercises/projects have really started leaving me wanting.

TLDR - I’m spending way too much time scrolling around on projects and exercises. Each instruction step is like 95% scrolling/searching work and 5% time spent reinforcing the concepts being learned.

Most of my time is spent simply trying to find the place in the code I need to edit, and when I’m on laptop screen size the experience is worse. Either my results window has to be stuck at ~50px viewing height or my code window has to be sized for like 4 lines.

Less verbose, directly related exercises would help this a lot. I don’t need practice searching through multiple class names I won’t even touch for a given concept reinforcement step.

If you’re not going to pare down the examples to what’s really essential then provide a quick link from the instruction step to the place in the code I need to implement it. It may not seem like much, but combing through even just 50 lines of code I didn’t write using a 5-line view window is pretty cumbersome.

Also, checking the results in complex examples is nearly impossible without a ton of extra scrolling steps before and after a code edit step.