Front-end Engineer Journey

Hello world!

I’m beginning my front-end journey here, and I wanted to share my experience in hopes of developing a community.
I’ve completed the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript portions on codecademy, and it’s time I moved along. I’m excited and looking forward to meeting more coders!
Cheers <3


Hi there!
I just finished Intro to JavaScript yesterday (woo!) and am preparing to start the Front End Engineer Path next week!

I was wondering, how are you pacing your own coursework? i.e. how long are you hoping that the course will take you, and how many hours do you code per week in order to achieve your deadlines? Trying to be optimistic but realistic about when I can finish the path.

Thanks for sharing and good luck with your journey!


Hello to both of ya’ll. I finished the HTML and CSS courses, and then started the Front End Enginner path (currently doing the JavaScript stuff). I’m supplementing Codecademy with Odin Project and Freecodecamp, and of courses countless YouTube tutorials.

Anyway, I’m curious to follow both of you in your journey. It seems like we’re around the same place in our learning.


Hey Katie!

Congrats on finishing the JavaScript course! The amount of hours stated to finish the path course is 350, so I calculated how many hours a week I could do divided by the hrs = how many weeks it would take me. If you want to finish it at a certain time frame, you can plug that in.

Unfortunately, life is not as straight forward haha. I’m a stay at home mom, so I really do have a set time a day on how many hrs I do. I started freelancing, so I also incorporating that into my schedule. A realistic timeframe for me would finishing the path by the end of the year (December). I would highly recommend taking breaks and not burning out. This course path feels different than the html, css, and javaScript courses. It’s hands on, so it’s a lot more fun.

Wish you the best! <3


Hey there!

How are you doing with the JavaScript? I read about the Odin Project! Sweet. Sound like you’re taking advantage of all the resources out there :grinning:

Yeah, sounds about right.
Hopefully we can all learn from each other


Lupita, I appreciate the response. JavaScript (and to a lesser extent HTML/CSS) has been a huge challenge for me since I had zero experience going into it. That said, I’m putting in the hours and having faith that my hard work will pay off (literally and figuratively).

I noticed in your post that you said you had “started freelancing”. Does that mean you have found work as a freelance web developer? I’m very curious to hear anything you might have to share about that.

My dream is to work as a freelance web developer while living abroad in Colombia. I’m extremely interested in hearing from folks such as yourself who taught themselves and then transitioned into freelance work.


Hi both!
It’s great to have you as resources and pen pals as we continue our journeys :smiley:
I’m expecting that the course will take me around 6 months also, but I’m glad its turning out to be fun and rewarding! Hopefully that powers me though that much faster.

HappyHour, with regards to the JavaScript, I also had zero experience with it (and HTML/CSS) at the beginning of this year. I was taking an EdX course and the JS became so challenging that I actually came to Codecademy to do a dedicated course in it before going any further. After finishing the Learn JavaScript course on this site, I definitely feel a lot more confident in the language basics, though I needed to push through some topics that still feel a bit foreign to me. I’m hoping that with the Front End Dev path, the JS will start to click as I see it being applied more and more. So don’t get too discouraged – though its the hardest part for me, things are starting to become clearer.

I am also interested in freelancing! I’d also love to hear from you, Lupita, about your experiences with starting out. For me as I’m navigating the course, I am actively thinking of friends, their startups, and looking around my city for interesting, budding companies that may not have websites yet. With those projects/clients in mind, I plan to make these sites during the course so I can use them to pitch to these potential clients to continue working with me, or as portfolio pieces.

Looking forward to keeping in touch!


hey @ktc426. I just finished HTML course, it took me about three weeks(my learning process is a bit slow), I was taking notes too for further studying while out of the platform. I am going towards Front End Developer, so still have CSS and JavaScript to go. I expect to end by the end of this year.
during the first week i did put in 3 hours during three days of that week. second week the same. the third week, the final one, I put about 2.5 hours during 4 days, not accounting for quizzes and projects as I am doing the free version, hopefully I do those one day.

Seeing what and how others are doing is good, but seeing what and how you are doing things, based on your capabilities, is better. I believe that some may say I took a long time just to learn HTML, but I know my process so it is okay. As long as you know your process and beat yourself to improve at your pace you’ll be FINE!