Front End Engineer: CSS CHALLENGES PADDING VS MARGINS, where is this lesson


I am unsure if i have somehow overlooked the lesson on margin positioning i.e margin: top, bottom, left & right
but i got to pt 11/12 in the Section: Learn CSS Typography : CSS CHALLENGES called ‘padding vs margin’ and I became stuck, can someone point me in the direction of where i can find this in my pathway as i have already looked in my notes.

is this something that will be mentioned later on and was set as an extra challenge?
if not is there anywhere I could look for information on this? I have not got access to the additional HTML &CSS book but was told it was not necessary for the course.

thank you!


Hi, on what are you stucked exactly ? Is it the exercise ?


thank you for your reply!

i have actually now figured it out.
The issue was the CSS challenge was asking me to do margins & padding but it had not been covered yet and i was worried id missed it. the lessons on further CSS & margins is in module 3 of the front end engineer pathway!

thank you for your response!

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