Front end Career path redux and react projects are super hard to debug

Hello! I am having a lot of trouble deciphering error messages in these open ended projects in the redux section of the front end career path. Right now I am on Challenge Project: Flashcards. I have had great difficulty with other open ended projects as well such as the Jamming react project. But back to the current project: The only error message I can understand at all (there are some 18 other super cryptic errors that refer to minified files as well that I just ignore) from the inspect element >>console is that my redux store is not configured correctly and that the combineReducers function was not passed a reducer. I am confident that I correctly created the reducer in my slice file, exported it correctly and that I imported it correctly in the store file. I have made a few working react redux projects on my own using vs code (and the errors I encounter there are very readable.) I have never had trouble configuring the redux store before and I doubt that it is actually causing the issue. All this considered, my question is: has anyone else encountered a ton of cryptic error messages in these open ended projects and if so, what is a good methodology for debugging? ie. should I always opt to do these projects externally? Is it possible that this project is just broken from the start and the bugs lie in files that I haven’t touched? I cannot rule the latter out because there is no video of someone solving this project included in the get unstuck tab.

I was banging my head with the redux news reader project. The error messages weren’t usable (if there were any) and it took ages until I realized that during one day I was working on it, it just didn’t compile when I hit ‘run’. The next day that had resolved.
For the flashcards projects there is a download option and I would definitively recommend using it. The error messages from the preinstalled react testing library are super helpful.

Thanks! Yeah I went ahead and downloaded and coded the project in VS code and it is working. Is there a forum dedicated to improving codecademy courses that I should post this to? I think it would improve the user experience if the option to code in the codecademy editor was viable. There should be a video solution for all the open ended projects in my opinion.

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Try this category:

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