Front End Career path practice website

Hello everyone! Real quick I wanted to introduce myself, I am Davis and I am a Finance graduate looking to potentially make a career switch, im looking to connect with anyone as I know learning in groups can do wonders so please let me know if you wish to connect! Anywho… I have been working on this website for a few days to practice what I’ve learned (17% in the lesson path currently). Looking for any and all opinions and inputs.


I am simply just building a social media site with some basic css and html. Its no where close to being done but want to get some ideas improvements.

Hey, looks really interesting. Tough I was not sure what the next step was once I was on the homepage.

When hovering over the navigation the hover is very light and in combination with the white label pretty unreadable.

On the login page the primary action the “Login” button is smaller then the secondary option “Forgot password” You could try making this more important first button bigger or give it a different color or deemphasize the forgot password one.

The page title on the signup page is confusing. I press on Register in the navigation but the page titel is Sign up, I would make it either one of them and keep it consistent.

Not sure how far the about page is, but it looks in progress so have no feedback there yet :slight_smile:

Overall cant wait how it will evolve.
Great job again!

Gday from Western Australia Rubyace. Your site design reminded me of the 2000’s look that was happening. It took me back to a time when it was exciting. Used to see this sort of look on the warez sites and stuff. The dark grey was really in.

It has a retro feel. Keep up the good work.