Front-end and Python

I’ve recently discussed with a friend of mine regarding coding careers advice. I’ve covered the Python 2 module, learned about NumPy and Pandas in the “Analyse Financial Data with Python” and am planning to apply for junior coding jobs soon.

My friend advised me that I should make a couple of projects of my own (basic full-stack), learn front-end development and learn how to use react.js.

I’m happy with doing my projects and going over react.js. The question for me is, what should I do to learn front-end development whilst using my Python knowledge to my full advantage?

If you’re going to start studying front-end I’d suggest to get comfortable with vanilla js.

Is that a new framework I’ve not heard of? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m by no means an expert, but to the best of my knowledge the intersection of “Python” and “web” falls pretty squarely in the back-end.

There are two popular frameworks for delivering web content through Python: Flask, on which there is now a Codecademy course, and Django. Both of these allow you to build the server-side app which serves up your content.

For the actual front-end content, though, you would need to know the web trinity of HTML/CSS/JS before you could use a Python back-end to serve up anything. :slight_smile:


@thepitycoder haha.

@java3423036957 “basic full-stack” – In my opinion there’s nothing basic about full-stack. It implies a lot of knowledge on multiple fronts – plus the additional knowledge of efficiently integrating the different layers. Like @thepitycoder said, flask and django are great to integrate with html/css/js. It means you also have to know enough about handling databases. I wouldn’t try to throw react into the mix until you’re comfortable with javascript.

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