Front End and Back End career paths vs Web Development career path

I saw the two new career paths, and I’m considering wether to finish web development, or wether to drop that in favour of working on the other two.

Both new career paths seem much better structured and more in-depth - but of course they take much longer as well, even if I have done quite a few things.

What are your thoughts on this?

If you’re close to the end of Web Development, then it wouldn’t hurt to stick with it for now. Otherwise, switching to a new path would be good. Everything you do in the old Web Development path will carry over to the new paths and will get checked off automatically.

The structuring is definitely improved in the new paths. For example, the use of Git and GitHub is covered much earlier in the Full-Stack Engineer path than it is in the Web Development path. This is an important topic because after you learn it, you can begin to use it for all the projects you work on, even if it isn’t required.