From starting at the age of 7 to making games now! Thanks!


I unfortionately lost my old account ;( But here I am with my new account :wink:

I started coding out of pure interest in my late sevens(7) with javascript from this website, but offcourse didn’t understand much about it, however codeacademy made it pretty easy to understand. So it was on and off around that age. I learned quite some basics about programming in general, not very language related and loved AI/robots. When I was around 9-10 years old I came back at it again, only with a lot more motivation, knowledge. This time round I learned HTML, PHP and CSS from CodeAcademy, this was very easy to understand and I love the way it teaches you stuff here! Unfortionately I mainly did backend with some HTML frontend, as I was simply hopeless at design and CSS :stuck_out_tongue:. So I did webdev for I think 2.5 years, I absolutely loved that time with php, mysql etc and did a lot of membership systems, mass mailers etc to learn more. Around 1.5-2 years into doing webdev I did however start with a c language, c# namely. I did this more as a second thing, but then I realized unity (at around 12.5). So I went somewhere and learned quite some 2d stuff with unity. However pretty recently, around begin 2016 I got a little fed up with unity as I was going 3d, and found unreal a very cool alternative. So with unreal comes c++ and as I already knew some c#, it was pretty easy to switch. Still learning a lot about unreal not, but also trying to teach it :slight_smile: If you are interested you can take a look at it here:
All of this would have been nearly impossible for me without codeacademy, thanks again sooo much for all your recourses. I seriously love it! So yeah I started around late 7’s with JS, went through all stuff I now hate (I seriously can’t stand unity or javascript now, no offence ment :stuck_out_tongue). Now I am 13, and just am soo happy about this skill I got thanks to CodeAcademy and just youtube etc :slight_smile:


That’s great! Keep it up! :grinning: