From Nurse to Biotech

I’m a 39 year old registered nurse, I work in the ICU at a level 1 trauma center, and I’ve recently decided I want to change careers and get into biotech development. I have a solid background in biology (bachelors in molecular bio, minor in chem), but really no experience with coding/engineering. Right now my plan is to slowly do a masters in electrical engineering while I teach myself to code and hopefully get a job in software development within the next couple of years. Short term, my goal is to get accepted into Microsoft’s Leap bootcamp. So right now I’m just trying to build my tech resume to make myself a successful candidate.

I’d appreciate any advice anyone can give as far as specific certifications or skills that might help on a Microsoft Leap application. I was looking at some paid courses through Edx. IBM’s micro bachelors in Full Stack Cloud App Development caught my eye. Does anyone have any knowledge of how useful that sort of thing may be on a resume?