From hardcoding to high-level programming languages

I have a very generic question: How was the very first programming labguage created from the binary machine code? I researched this for multiple hours but found no satisfactory result, just generalizations. I want to know how the very first electronic computer that ran the machine code only was used to create a symbolic language.

This may not be related to programming as such, but I am just very curious to discover how people managed to create tools that we use today from 0s and 1s - this is mind-blowing!

Any technical explanation is very welcome!


Iā€™m not competent to give the correct answer. But I remember that I was reading something about this in some C++ bible book.

Anyway, you may find some discussions on those two links that I googled out for you. Try to find anything useful and maybe get an idea to google further yourself for an appropriate answer. :slight_smile:

In order to better understand how machine code is executed by the hardware, it will be useful to understand how Assembly code runs:

Also, I found this article very helpful:

Hope it helps!

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