From Codecademy to Amazon, read my story here!

What’s your story? How did you get started with coding and where are you now?

In 2012 my coding journey began as a simple passion for creating applications to solve real-world issues. At the age of 12, Looking for ways to learn the tools to create these applications, with the absence of formal classes at school, I began my search online to learn these skills. By taking the Codecademy Javascript track 8 years ago, programming went from being a mere hobby to a career that I wanted to pursue.

Having almost completed formal education in Computer Science, I have come to realize that the desire to learn will always lead to mastery of any topic, even in the absence of a university curriculum. I am excited to see Codecademy pioneering the space of online learning.

What were your goals when you started and how did you keep motivated?

My coding journey began with the frustration of not being able to realise what I was visualising.
Being able to learn these transferable skills quickly and efficiently enabled me to realise these ideas far quicker than I had ever imagined. The motivation of being able to build useful products that solves real issues in the world is what drives me to continue my lifelong passion for programming. Alongside this, being an advocate for bringing programming into schools and equipping the next generation with the tools I wish I had growing up further inspires me.

What have you accomplished with your newly learned skills?

Learning to code has given me so many opportunities that I would have never had. From developing systems that are used in space satellite operations at my internship at SES, to teaching coding to kids aged 8-11 as head teacher at Code Camp and to more recently being hired by Amazon as a Business Intelligence Intern.

Outside of my professional life I am passionate about developing a survey system that enables people to create AI enhanced surveys:

What was the most challenging part of learning to code and how did you rise above those challenges?

When learning something new, I became easily distracted by all of these new languages and frameworks. The clear-cut CodeCademy career paths helped me channel my energy into mastering a certain set of popular frameworks and languages used to accomplish my goals. For example in my case, following the web development track on CodeCademy, enabled me to remove non-value steps towards my goal of creating my own web applications.

What advice would you give to folks just starting out or thinking about getting started with code?

Find your niche and have a clear goal in mind! Mine was web application development, but the possibilities from there are endless.

Be mindful that the skills you are learning will potentially shape the career path, so make sure you are motivated by what you are learning intrinsically, instead of choosing a career path based on extrinsic motivation alone!

What content did you take/ would you recommend to someone who wants to follow your path?

A fantastic starting point would be the code foundation path. After this the Data Science or (my personal favorite) the web development path. Once these are complete it will equip you with the transferable skills to delve deeper into any skill you find inspires you the most!

Thanks for reading!