From A to Z - learning phase

Hi whats up?

I’m wondering how much good are the courses here in code cademy for instance i have 2 or 3 subjects im thinking to "get inside " ML and AI / Data science / WEB deveoper

Can you say the courses have everything i need to know from A to Z to get in a good stage and from their it just to get more experinece or the code cademy just focus on beginners and give idea regarding the topics i will want to learn in “real world”


I would say neither. There is no course that gets you A - Z simply because the topics are so deep (and that’s ignoring the math and stats preliminary background to get the strongest mileage out of ML).

I think it’s useful both for beginners and with people who have more experience. It’s just a different kind of useful for either one. As with the vast majority of resources, it’s 1 piece of the puzzle.

It’s a solid resource and you have a community of fellow learners to bounce ideas around (the communal aspect is a big part of the value as well).


Exactly, you are right

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Edit was made by mistake.

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■■■■ that was a great response!!

Indeed. It was good response