Frida project - Jupyter Notebook not printing to terminal

I’m working my way through the Frida project for the Data Visualization path. I installed Jupyter Notebook via my terminal (I’m running .zsh on a Macbook Pro) using

brew install --cask anaconda

I had some trouble getting

conda init

to run but figured it out eventually. I believe it was a PATH issue with .zsh.

I downloaded the Frida project, launched Jupyter Notebook in my terminal from the directory where I downloaded the project files, and started working through the project.

My issue now is that none of the work I’m doing in the Jupyter Notebook is printing in my terminal. It is printing in Jupyter, but the project instructions are specific about getting it to print to the terminal and I’m a newbie and think the terminal is super cool so I’d really like to figure out how to make this connection.

My terminal is tracking my activity in Jupyter, but I have no idea how to get Jupyter to print there.

So far I’ve tried

  1. Changing the Frida project from untrusted to trusted
  2. Restarting the kernel
  3. Restarting the kernel & clearing output
  4. Quitting the session and relaunching the notebook and
  5. After relaunching the session repeating all of the above to no avail

I’m not hugely familiar with Jupyter notebooks, but I think this is intentional. Everything in the Jupyter notebook is a “cell” of the notebook, which will be evaluated - and, in the case of any Python code, executed - by Jupyter and the results shown in the notebook.

I suspect that the project’s insistence on output to terminal may be an error in the content.

Unfortunately, I don’t know of a convenient way to get Jupyter to print to the console instead of to the notebook itself. :frowning:

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I did this project and that’s not what it asks. Writing it in a Jupyter Notebook is what’s requested.
You’re not going to get it to print in the terminal from Jupyter bc that’s not what the app does.

You can do the project in a terminal session if you want. Just write the code in the terminal directly (after you’ve initiated Python3).
For ex:


I stand corrected:


Or this, which lets you view, edit, and execute Jupyter Notebooks in the Terminal:

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Thank you everyone! Appreciate all of your thoughts :smile:

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