Frida Kahlo retrospective: how to access files

Hi there, I’m on the Data Science career path at 8%.
I am on the Frida Kahlo retrospective, but am struggling to open the file using jupyter notebook.
I have unzipped the file (I think), but then cannot work out how to navigate to the the directory containing the project. Please help!

You have two choices, either use your terminal to navigate to the folder where the unpacked files are (probably one or more cd) commands, you should have at least these two files in that directory:


and open jupyter notebook from there with the terminal command. Alternatively; open jupyter notebook wherever and use its GUI to navigate to the correct directory.

If you’re still stuck which bit is foiling you. Do you know the correct path to the downloaded and unzipped files?

Thanks for the response. So I am able to download the file and unzip it. But am struggling with using the terminal to open the files. I have attached a printscreen of the stage I am stuck at.

I think the simplest route is to find the original zipped download and use a right-click and use the menu to extract the files completely (they’re not that big). Either directly extract them to a useful location and cut/paste them to a place that makes sense (somewhere in your User directory for example or whatever suits you best).

Okay thanks. But after I extract the files to another location, how do I then open them using Jupyter Notebook?

“In the terminal, navigate to the directory containing the project, and type: jupyter notebook”

It is this section in particular that I am struggling with.

What terminal are you using? Powershell, cmd?

The instructions suggest looking at the learn the command line course if you’ve never used it before and I’d suggest the same; it really is useful if not essential for working with Python.

I am using Git Bash. I’ve just managed to open the files, thank you for your help!

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