Frequent frustration over lack of 'big picture' explanations before starting a project

Where do I go to submit a suggestion for the lesson I’m on?
I’m on the X-Press Publication project.
Project location:

This project starts out with very little explanation of what the overall plans are for structuring the project. I feel like I am just following the steps without knowing why I’m doing that particular task, and not knowing how it falls into the ‘big picture’.
There have been several projects in this career path that I have had the same feeling of not having the insight on what I’m doing at the moment due to lack of a game-plan.
I’m figuring that, when I get a job in this field, I will be handed projects that have screen layout sketches, necessary functions that will need to be implemented, database structures explained and other needs that the client has. I don’t post this just to complain, but hopeful that improvements can be made for the future that will make it easier to understand why we’re doing each step of the project.

I do feel that Codecademy is one of the best options for learning on the internet today. I have really enjoyed learning so many new things. I hope my post will give some guidance for what students might be looking for in their lesson structure.

Chip Bingham
BSEE Mich Tech

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I apologize. I just realized that the full instructions for the project is in the file included in the zip file. You may want to call that out for those who don’t realize it.
It would still be nice to have some of this information better intertwined within the project steps as we go along.
Thanks again for such a great learning tool. I’m 90% done with my career path, but I intend to keep using Codecademy to learn several other useful modules.