French translation -- offering help

Hi Codecademy team,

I was recently looking for an online class to give my younger siblings (11 and 13) so that they can learn
some programming concept and I realized that your classes are currently not translated in languages other
than English.

I understand that i18n may not be your priority compared to creating new content, but it saddened me a bit
because as smart as my siblings are, they are not proficient enough in English to follow a class in English.

Would you be open to members of your community to provide you with translations (free of charge and giving
you all the associated IP of course), so that you can put them in your classes.
I for one would be more than happy to provide translations for intro classes.

I remember that I really enjoyed your classes when I took then 3-4 years ago, and would love to have my
siblings enjoy them too.



I agree 100 % (i’m french).


Hi @devrockstar50165 and @clad_ask. Thank you both for such a generous offer. If I’m to be honest, translation of online education into non-English languages holds a very special place in my heart. My first role in community management type work was in working with volunteer translators for a free learning management system. It was so much fun, and all the translators were so passionate about making the tool available to people who spoke their language that it was a very positive experience for everyone.

It is, of course, something that I would love to work with you on here at Codecademy. The team has discussed this, but no decisions have been made yet. Like I said above, I am so grateful to you both for raising your hand to help. If we do get the opportunity to focus on internationalizing, I will reach out.



I just discovered codeacademy while searching for online resources for micro:bit. I’m currently teaching my 9-year-old little boy some the programming basics and I find this resource very interesting. Both of us are native French speakers as well.

I would also be glad to give a hand to translate some course content into French, as he just started to learn English. I would be even happier if the community could benefit from those future translations.

Are you making use of any community-based translation platform like Crowdin or Zanata ?

Kind regards

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Hello @alyssavigil :slight_smile:

Did you have news about the team discussions and did you have the decision ? :slight_smile:

Thanks :+1:

Localisation/localization is something that we discuss adding to the development roadmap every quarter it seems. It still hasn’t made it to the plan. I’ll be back here when it does! Thank you for checking in on it.

I also apply as a volunteer ! :slight_smile: