Freelance web design group


What is the (url) name of our team's slack group?
It wasn't given to us in the 'introduction and set up' page.


Hi Karavi, the Slack group for Ready is kept private for students in the course, so you need to have an invite to it and then sign up – a URL is insufficient by itself. If you search your inbox, you should have a message there from with the subject line including the string "has invited you to join a Slack team". If you follow that link, you can sign up. If you haven't received that link, let me know and I'll have one re-sent.


Hi I have the same problem. I bought the “Build Websites from Scratch” course from, I created an account on Slack, with my e-mail "" but i can’t find the group. I have not receive the message from feedback slack com.


Hi Eleni, please reach out to our customer support team for help.