Freelance Data Science Jobs

Hello. I’m about 3/4 of the way through the Data Science Career Path, and I’m looking for some advice about getting freelance work.

I work full time in education, and I have a great deal of experience working with data through Excel, but this is my first foray into serious coding.

I have looked through Fiverr, Upwork and the other freelance sites, and it seems that the projects I have found are geared toward more experienced coders, particularly those who have expertise in packages that I am not familiar with.

If anyone has advice on an angle I could use to begin working on projects and further build the necessary expertise to be successful as a freelance data scientist, I’d greatly appreciate it. I am definitely willing to work without pay to build the necessary skills. Thank you for reading.


Hey @dataphil, welcome the to Codecademy community forums!

Goodness, have I got the advice for you :smiley: Another community member, @peachesmotorsports has a multi-part series he’s conducting on the world of freelancing.

Here is a recording of Part 1!
Meeting Recording:

Access Password: 7V^Hsau9

Part 2 is scheduled for next week, July 28 at 3pm ET. I hope you enjoy, and join us on Tuesday. :slight_smile:


Alyssa, This is great! Thank you for your prompt reply, and thank you for sharing. I didn’t see a link to the Drive files. Would you be able to share these as well?

I think I’m a few professional projects away from the business creation aspects that Pablo goes over in the Zoom video. Pablo mentioned the freelance sites and talked about internships briefly, and I guess I’m looking on some more detailed advice on how to get working on these.

Any targeted angles that would lead to a foot in the door into data science would be very helpful. Are there any specific types of projects or other paths that are ideal for breaking into data science that I could search for on the freelance sites?

Thank you for reading!

Hey there!
I’ve actually been freelancing as a machine learning engineer for a year now, and I would suggest you create an impressive portfolio for yourself (choose a couple projects from Kaggle for example) and then link your Kaggle profile on Upwork or freelancer and choose a reasonable hourly rate!