Free vs. Pro ... what are the true benefits of Pro?

I apologies if this was posted and I overlooked it. I looked but didn’t see anything. I looked throughout the site and didn’t find anything really that helpful.

What are the real benefits with Pro compared to continuing to use Free account?

A little about me, I’m 49 and have been with the same company for 21 years. I was asked to take a beginner Python course as a pre-req for some training that I have next week. Turns out that I very much like what I’m doing in Python (even though it’s just the very beginning).
Would I be able to use Python on my Job? yes, I could
Do I NEED to? nope
Am I looking to leave my job to become a full time programmer? If it was in within my same company, I would consider it. Probably wouldn’t leave my company though, 21 years invested.

thanks in advance for the input


That depends on you, there is a python 2.7 course avaleible for free, but the python 3 course is a pro course.
There are some other courses that are pro.
Pro offers you projects to work on when done with each Lesson, there are also Quizzes and some other features.
If you need to learn python and it doesn’t matter which version then stay with free, but if you are planning to learn more and become a

then upgrade to pro, or try it free with a trial of intensive
Hope this helps :grinning: