Free version


Can one access any courses with the free version or just “look around”? I tried starting the Intro to Coding course and the instructions on the left side were referencing 2 panes on the right but nothing was there. Do I have to pay to take the course?


No you don’t have to pay, the “referencing” on the left was what it needed to be because it helps you to find what you whould like to programme in. on the right, there was nothing there because I think you didn’t write anything in the middle pane. on the left pane if you scroll down there are the instructions what tell you what you have to write in the middle pane


According to the instructions there is supposed to be code file in the center pane (there’s nothing there, no pane either) and it’s supposed to be running in a browser on the right side of the screen…nothing there.

I have a message that says my browser is not supported so I upgraded to one of the suggested browsers and I still get the error message.


Hey Kzwarren, mind attaching a screenshot and providing a link to the content that you’re talking about? That’ll help us to figure this out.



This course is functioning normally as far as we can tell, it is likely a client-side error. First, we’d recommend that you use Chrome or Firefox (in that order) rather than Internet Explorer. IE isn’t well supported on the web these days. Give Chrome a go?

If you still have the same problem in Chrome, it may be a firewall setting that is blocking us. See this post for more details.


Thanks, I installed Firefox and it seems to be working.

I went through the’ Intro to Coding’ but still don’t have a clue what it was talking about; I’ll try to work through some other stuff and see if it starts making any sense.


Are you talking about the Code Foundations Path?


No, on the homepage there is a 7 step tutorial called Intro to Coding. But that seems to be the only thing I can do unless I sign up. There are no free classes. Is that correct?


No, there are some courses that are free, but some you have to pay for. Any with a yellow Pro banner on them you have to pay for.