Free tier will become a free trial and limited to 7 Days use?

This post can be deleted. Is about a misunderstanding of an email from Codeanywhere - email is not from Codecademy:
Hi there,
*Did anyone get this message: *
“We are writing this email to inform you that as of March 1st 2019 the Free tier will become a free trial and limited to 7 Days use.”
*Started some years ago, had students enrolled in Codecademy, Codecademy just dropped all educational tools, nearly all courses went PRO and now all students enrolled in the free leftovers are getting the message they will be thrown out of Codecademy within 7 days? Is this true? I understand the technical explanation (although I totally disagree) but what about the moral explanation? *
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Hey there, that’s not true, our free tier hasn’t gone anywhere. The seven day free trial is for our Pro tier and after that elapses if you haven’t decided to upgrade you’ll remain on the free tier with access to dozens of lessons. We don’t even ask for your credit card, so if you forget about the trial you’ll default to free.

I’ve DM’d you my email address, would you mind forwarding this email to me?


It seems to me that this should be discussed with the Codeanywhere customer service.

Codeanywhere is not Codecademy :slight_smile:

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Maciej is correct, might be removing their free tier, but they’re a different company. We’re and we definitely still have a free tier.


Ha ha, feel so sorry and can still laugh about this. Made a storm about nothing… Apologizes. Ha ha, the my colleague swallowed it also reading the email and we totally changed the way we organized the lessons for about 200 students…
Advice needed: shall I take the subject offline?

Hi there,

I am having trouble too in finding a way to obtain the pro trial without inputting my credit card details. Is there a specific link I need to sign up from to make this happen? Kindly assist, thank you!

No tera,

Codecademy recently switched to the unfortunate business tactic of having brand new users enter their credit card info before even getting to TRY the pro courses, aka the courses that would actually help them and near what is being taught in classrooms.

Basically, that way they bag a few extra dollars from anyone who tries the class, would otherwise decide against purchasing their service and forgets to go through the process to un-enroll. Furthermore, they “recommend” and by default select you on the pay for one year option, and offer no refunds. So imagine on day 8 you get charged hundreds of dollars for a site you are just trying out? These extra dollars from those who would otherwise not continue are the reason for this despicable business decision. Those interested will still buy pro, which I have always recommended in the past, and the freeloaders will just cancel same as they did before. This goes to show you how codecademy has changed over the years, putting more and more in the paid Pro section, even some just basic programming languages now, and now this.

I teach an entry level data science course and used to recommend codeacademy to all my students, many of which I’m sure went on to pay for excellent content that exists on this site. However, I can’t justify even one of my students coming up to me asking why they lost out on hundreds of dollars and can’t get a refund. These are busy students! And sometimes they don’t listen so well. However, this blatantly greedy business practice will lead myself and other teachers to steer people away from codeacademy on this and other forums.