Free Javascript course

Hi, am i missing something because i’m doing the free Javascript course but it asks me to join the free trial then pay to continue right in the middle of the course.
I’ve finished the functions chapter and can’t start the rock paper scissors exercise.
That’s not what i call a free course…
Thank you

See this post:

Also, have a look at to see what features are available/unavailable to Basic (Free) users.


Hi and thank you for this clear answer. It was a little ambiguous. Well, now i know what i have to do ! :slight_smile:

Hi, David. Just piping in some unasked for advice that should be taken as encouragement, namely, expect the valuable help you receive to be ambiguous. Nobody wants to give away the answer. The clue(s) is(are) in the ambiguity. This is a worthy method of teaching, imho. If someone is giving you the answer, they just want attention. It does not help you. What does help you is digging through the mysteries your honest responders are presenting.


Hi. I was mentioning the ambiguity of the “Free course”.
Anyway, got the idea and i agree that it’s more efficient for learning to dig into the answer than have it on a plate ! :pray:


Free or paid for, it falls to us, right? If we know someone is giving us the answer, then fine. Run it, test it, and if it works, fine. But that is not where our investigation should ever end. It all comes down to value, and the real value is in what we put into a course, not what the course gives us. A syllabus is nothing more than a beacon. We’re the skippers of our ship. Never forget that.